Stone Elevation

Stone Elevation work


We present ourselves as an Interior as well as Exterior Wall Cladding Stone Provider and suppliers in all over Tamilnadu and Kerala.

With our knowledge and survey in the local natural stone bazaar, we realized that the request for natural stones was increasing but the options accessible were very limited.


So, we are here for swap the limited market with the full of varieties of Usual Wall Cladding Stones.
As a result, We deliveries wall cladding stones in different projects used like slates, sandstones, limestones, granites and marbles to serve the needs of architects, contractors, owners, designers and business owners. We trust each of our customers has a unique plan so we work with them until we find the perfect natural stone to suit their requirements.
Our vision is to Content and fulfills our esteemed customers in Exterior and Interior wall cladding applications for living places, bedrooms, building elevation, round and square pillars, Garden elevations and Cascades.


Stone Elevation
Stone Elevation


We have advanced strong relationships with our client by providing them through and with prompt delivery. We are aware that the wants of our customers are ever altering. So, we introduce or add new expensive stones to our product line regularly.
We have established strong relationships with our client by providing them with high superiority wall cladding stones at a favorable price and with quick delivery.

We are aware that the wants of our customers are ever changing. So, we present or add new designer stones to our produce line regularly.


Varieties of Stones:


Slate Stone Elevation :

A fine grained metamorphic stone that shaped from clay, sedimentary rock shale and occasionally quartz.

Slate, being a slip-resistant average, is often used for different flooring requests. The colors and subtle touches of a slate floor complement most any inner design scheme.

Natural slate has an aspect that cannot be accorded using man-made alternatives. Slate, described as unfading, non-absorptive, stain-resistant and genuine by freeze-thaw cycles or other extreme ecological conditions, serves as the perfect medium for wall cladding uses.


Sandstone Elevation  :


The sedimentary rock is collected of small grains cemented by silica, through telepathic, or calcareous cementing material.

Sandstone is typically formed in layers and has varied applications as structure stones. The formation of sandstone is an effect of consolidation of sand and held composed by a natural cement, such as silica.


The color of the material is mainly determined by the cementing material iron oxides, for example, harvests red or reddish-brown sandstone, and the other materials yield sandstone in the shades white, gray or yellow.

Sandstone has been extensively used for raising walls since ages. The finely grained, dense, quite hard, stone with good compressive asset and low absorption property is the impeccable medium for walls. The walls of sandstone have been a part of most of the memorials. The fireproof, non-slip sandstone, is typically used for wall cladding not only because of its power but because of its attractive look.


Limestone Elevation :

Mainly contains calcite. It does not show much training or glassy structure. It has a smooth gritty surface.

Varies in hardness. Some dense limestones are able to polish. Common dyes are black, gray, white, yellow or brown.